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Name:The TARDIS { AU }
"I want you safe, my Doctor."
Every man has his breaking point, and the Doctor finally found his. Even after all the heartbreak he had been through, it was the single act of a companion he scarcely knew taking their leave that pushed over the edge. The Doctor withdrew from all the world - including the TARDIS. Even when separated by space and time she had been able to reach him before. That she could not reach him or feel him now sent panic racing through her every circuit.
After waiting days with no contact from the Doctor, the TARDIS's desperation had grown to an unbearable state. It wasn't until the body of a woman fell at her doors, on the brink of death, did a solution show itself. She feared what would happen if the Doctor were to return and find a dead body on his doorstep -- so she did the only thing she could. The woman's mind was gone, along with her soul - she was dead. But she took the body, and made it useful again.

A longer version of her back story can be found here.

Since her entire consciousness isn't being poured into a human body, the TARDIS is somewhat more controlled than in "The Doctor's Wife". Sometimes the subtleties of human interaction eludes her, and now and then she has issues with linear time - but she is, for the most part, in a more stable state of mind.

Her back story can be changed depending on who she's threading with, just drop me a PM and we can work something out. I am completely open to all ideas, PSLs, random threads, and pretty much anything else. I can play with any Doctor or companion past, present, future, or alternate. I'm also open to crossovers, especially Farscape and Stargate SG-1. Like I said, I'm open to anything.

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